Exterior Painting

exterior painting done by house painters in south jersey

Our regional area can experience some brutal weather conditions, from having a heat wave for two weeks in July to shoveling a foot of snow and ice just 6 months later in January. We experience it all!!

It is imperative to not only paint the paintable surfaces on the exterior of your home for appearance, but also for protection from Mother Nature’s harsh elements of a wide range of weather conditions.

Protecting the exterior of your home is also your first line of defense from protecting the interior as well. Leaving rotted surfaces untreated and allowing mold and mildew to grow on your home will cause pre-mature paint failure. The possibility of bigger problems down the road being the most common and problematic. This can all be prevented by a thorough pressure wash and exterior paint job. Proper preparation and using the right coatings for each specific surface is essential for a long lasting exterior paint job.

Here at Matthew Rathgeb Painting we are each highly trained and knowledgeable concerning all of the updated techniques and coatings in our ever changing painting trade. All surfaces including: wood, stucco, aluminum, metal, etc., requires its own prepping methods and detailed coating application. Most painters can make an outside paint job “look” good when they collect your payment upon completion, but will it pass the test of time and weather? This is what we feel separates us.

I always say “the separation is in the preparation”. This holds very true when painting the outside of your home or business. We have been satisfying our exterior painting clients since the birth of our company. I myself worked as an apprentice many years ago in Chestnut Hill, PA for an outfit that did “only” exteriors. So I sharpened my prep skills long before I even picked up a paint brush.

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