Three Reasons To Get Your Home Pressure Washed This Summer

It’s finally summertime, and the beautiful weather that accompanies it allows us to participate in outdoor sporting events, BBQs, and enjoy nature. However, summertime is also the perfect time for another activity: giving your home a deep clean and improving its curb appeal.

3 Ways Matthew Rathgeb Painting Gives Back to the Community

When a company makes a commitment to give back to their community, they don’t just benefit those who they help directly. Rather, they are truly doing a service for everyone in that neighborhood or city. In other words, community outreach and engagement helps those who are in need, first and foremost, but also actually benefits […]

4 Must-Have Traits of a Trustworthy Painting Company

Committing to repaint the interior or exterior of your home is an exciting decision. Not only are you anticipating a great finished product that you’ll get to look at for years to come, but you have the opportunity to sort through countless colors to find the one that best reflects how you’d like your house […]

Paint, Don’t Replace: 3 Benefits to Painting Your Home’s Vinyl or Aluminum Siding

When weighing the options that homeowners have for painting their property’s exterior, most think of vinyl or aluminum siding as elements that cannot be improved using a fresh layer of paint. Instead, their typical response to old or damaged siding is to remove it and replace it with a whole new batch. While that may […]

3 Reasons to Choose Matthew Rathgeb Painting for Exterior Painting This Spring

After a long winter full of ice and snow, one of the best ways to rejuvenate the look and feel of your home’s exterior is to add a fresh coat of paint. Matthew Rathgeb Painting can provide the exterior painting you need to brighten your home’s outward appearance just in time for spring. We provide […]