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Summer 2020 Home Exterior Color Trends

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As the summer of 2020 reaches its high point, you may be wondering how to give the exterior of your home some updated character. Our exterior painters analyze the color trends that have dominated this year so far and are happy to guide you towards options ideal for your home. We’ll take things such as personal taste and your home style into account when we make our recommendations to you during the project’s preparation. 2020 has been a peculiar year indeed, but these color trends offer an opportunity to regain a sense of much-needed normalcy:

I’m So Blue

Since Pantone announced that blue is the color of the year, it stands to reason that blue would be the number one trending color for exterior painting! Blue has enduring popularity as an exterior color for your home. However, the 2020 trend leans more towards bolder statement blues that help give your home an extra dash of personality. 

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

Once limited to only ultra-modern style homes, black home exteriors have begun to gain popularity with a broader array of residences. Adding black exteriors or trim helps homeowners with a new method to make bold statements with their property.

A Bolder Shade of Grey

Grey shades have been a popular exterior color for homes, but those usually fall on the lighter side of the color spectrum. Charcoal grey offers a darker shade of the popular color and added sophistication for your home’s exterior. When paired with white trim, charcoal grey provides homeowners with property that showcases tasteful contrast.

Forest (Green) Through The Trees

For those looking for a more earthy feel for their home, this darker green mixed with complementary accents create a look that feels as if it were pulled straight from a national park! Darker shades require homeowners to be mindful of the types of trim they utilize to avoid making the overall look too dark. Implementing the right kind of trim can help you make forest green a striking theme of this year’s summer and beyond.

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